Quentin Stimpson

MA (Couns Psychol); Dip. Psych; Dip. Clin Sup and Consultancy

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Training Services

34 Belvoir Close, Fareham, Hants PO16 0PJ
01329 826621

Services for professional counsellors, psychotherapists and organisations

Clinical Supervision

I am an experienced and qualified clinical supervisor. For eight years I supervised GP counsellors in the Southampton area, and I currently supervise a number of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists privately. I also have over thirteen years of experience of supervising counsellors-in-training (from diploma through to master's levels). Given my integrative background I am able to view clinical work from a range of different theoretical perspectives, including : psychodynamic, humanistic, transpersonal and cognitive and behavioural.

Research Supervision

I have been supervising research into counselling and psychotherapy for the past thirteen years at both BA and master's levels. I am a qualitative researcher and have particular interests in such methodologies as : phenomenology, heuristics, discourse analysis, grounded theory and autoethnography. At present I head up the research on a BA and masters in therapeutic counselling (at a London-based university) and I also undertake lecturing and research supervision for a transpersonal psychotherapy masters. A few years ago I supervised a user-led research project looking at the needs of forensic mental health service users. At the time, the project was the first of its kind in this country, to be user-led and qualitative, and it attracted substantial DoH funding.

Training, course design and lecturing in counselling and psychotherapy

I have been involved in designing, writing and delivering training in counselling and psychotherapy, at both FE and HE levels, for the past twenty years. I have written and delivered training inputs from single days/workshops on a training course through to writing and managing a team delivering a master's level training in counselling and psychotherapy. I have designed City and Guilds level FE counselling courses, through to BA and MSc/MA level trainings, and I have re-designed lower level counselling trainings into higher level qualifications for FE colleges (e.g. re-working a NHD in counselling into a Dip HE).

I am currently a senior lecturer in therapeutic counselling on an MSc in Therapeutic Counselling (at a London-based University). The course is also BACP Accredited. I also currently teach on a range of psychodynamic counselling courses (from Diploma to Advanced Diploma) for a private counselling training organisation in Southampton — the diploma is BACP Accredited and all the courses are also validated by a very long-standing national psychodynamic counselling trainer and provider.

While I am able to deliver a full range of inputs on therapeutic training courses, I have particular interest in both research training for counsellors and psychopathology for counsellors and psychotherapists.

To summarise, I can offer :-

  • One-day workshops (as a part of a training course, or for CPD purposes) to counselling/therapy training organisations (anything from introductions to different theoretical perspectives, through to specialist inputs around research and working with personality disorders in counselling/therapy).
  • Counselling/therapy course design (and/or re-design) — taking account of the growth of Foundation Degrees in counselling and the needs for counselling trainings to adopt University-style training levels and standards.
  • Lecturing services — on counselling/therapy trainings. Specialist interests include : psychodynamics, Lacanian perspectives, postmodernism and therapy, psychopathology, supervision, research for counsellors/therapists.

To discuss your requirements please contact me on 01329 826621, or, email me at : quentinstimpson808@btinternet.com